THE Sacrifice

Prepare for the most epic spectacle you will ever experience. The sword shall be drawn. Blood shall be spilt. The ritual shall commence. They are waiting for you.”

“The Sacrifice” is a 50 minute comedy show about two idiots and their chaotically charming attempt to impress and inspire the audience with their ability to carry out epic ritualistic sacrifices and ceremonies. Created and performed by Norwegian clown duo, Steffen Hånes and Sigmund Fosli Lillefjære, the show is a hilarious mess of clown and absurd comedy. The Gaulier-trained idiots fail repeatedly in their task - they make mistakes, they argue, they cannot get it together - and we see that their beautiful idiocy is far more entertaining than the serious and sacred ceremonies they are attempting to impress us with. The show involves audience interaction, a vampire, a viking, blood, swords and silliness.

Directed by Izzy Stott.

15.-24. August


Opium, Edinburgh