late night disco fight!

‘LATE NIGHT DISCO FIGHT!’ is an international clown show that made its debut at Edinburgh Fringe 2018. The show was co-created and performed by four international-touring clown from four different countries: Darius Emadi (America), Izzy Stott (Scotland), Steffen Hånes (Norway), and Daeyeol Lee (South Korea).

The show was produced by independent, LA-based comedy label Stamptown and played to sold-out audiences throughout its run.

  • A wonderful, hugely entertaining show. Four distinctly individual performers, each bringing their own particular embodiment of comedy, confidently merged into a coherently ensemble performance. Their various bits run the gamut from broad comedy, slapstick, clowning, and subversive audience interaction. But underlying everything is a clever and subtle interpretation of clowning. Ultimately though, the performers are clearly having fun, and so will you.”

  • —Nick Dyson, audience review,